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Straws like no others.
Recyclable paper straws
powered by Dolea.

słomki papierowe biodegradowalne
Bio straws


Enabling circular economy

Dolea straws can be recycled as paper waste according to PAP 21 standard. Dolea straws are 100% biodegradable and repulpable. After use, Dolea straws can be completely repulped and reused as highly valued recycled material and a genuine part of the circular economy.

Słomki biodegradowalne


No stain on ocean nor land

Dolea straws are biodegradable, leaving no remains on land or ocean. If not recycled, Dolea straws take about the same time as a maple leaf to decompose. Single seam means reduced material consumption by 25%.

Eco drinking straws

User friendly

ZERO GLUE – Dolea straws do not contain any glue.

You’ll have a fresh taste in your mouth and nothing but that. Dolea straws are suitable for all drinks, even shakes and yoghurts as well as alcoholic beverages and hot drinks. A single seam along the straw gives you an even flow of the liquid. ZERO GLUE means no extra ingredient in your drink. Just the fresh taste that you desire.

Eco straws


Brand marketing made personal

Dolea technology enables fully printable drinking straws with limitless possibilities for branding and promotional purposes.
Intimate and personal, no other brand touch point gets in the mouth of the customer.

Why Dolea Straws?

Dolea drinking straws accelerate change for sustainable living.

Dolea drinking straws are made of renewable paperboard without any plastic coating layer or glue and designed for full fiber recovery in a recycling process.

Safe and natural paper straws are a sustainable and responsible choice to serve drinks.

Recyclable paper straws

About Dolea

A cleantech company, Dolea Ltd. contributes to global circular economy producing sustainable straws that have a touch and feel second to none.
Dolea drinking straws are recyclable, repulpable and biodegradable.

The process developed by Dolea and the approved material used for the straws ensure the recyclability and food safe re-use. Therefore the Dolea straws are the real game changer moving the drinking straw production and consumption from linear to the circular economy.

Dolea delivers the high-tech response to the basic demand.

Słomki bio
Papierowe słomki do napojów

About Straws4You

The owner of the Straws4You brand is Paperboard LLC, an exclusive partner of Dolea Ltd.

Dolea drinking straws are proudly and responsibly Made in Europe.


Dolea drinking straws stands for quality in all aspects. Raw material used for straws production is manufactured in Europe in compliance with Commission Regulation (EC) No 2023/2006 good manufacturing practice for materials intended to come into contact with food and quality management system certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 22000.

COMPLIANCE FOR FOOD CONTACT – raw material used for the straws production has been confirmed by independent accredited laboratory as follows: European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) 1935/2004/EC.

Słomki ekologiczne
Słomki Eko
Paper drinking straws
Słomki papierowe